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Music producer Paul Ward has finally started his own record label; spearheaded alongside his musical soulmate, and fellow artist, Adrian Arellano.

They believe that music is a way of channeling pent up emotions, both good and bad. Genres are merely a limitation; music should have no limitations. It is an outlet for sadness, aggression and sometimes even happiness. Music is self-powerful allowing itself to be shaped by the artist's hands. A great artist can make beautiful audio sculptures from the raw material of sound. Music can be whatever you make it. It is an escape into an artist's mind. Like a painter’s canvas, once the music has been recorded, these emotions and feelings can then be shared with, and experienced by, the audience; they will be the receivers of the message, and in turn, make it their own.

As with most great artists, it is the very essence of life itself that offers up its riches. Personal experience should never be underestimated as a source of artistic inspiration. "Life influences me" says Paul. "Hearing a great song that makes you feel what the artist felt when they first wrote the song is inspirational". This conveyance of emotion is exactly what music is all about.

Nevermore Records is building a team that has a wealth of knowledge behind them. They can use their expertise to reaching the ultimate goal: to help artists get their music to the masses. Through support and guidance, Nevermore Records will help them to succeed.


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Founder & CEO

Paul Allen Ward


Adrian Arellano